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Expected Learning Outcomes

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The expected learning outcomes of undergraduate program in Maritime Studies are described in detail in the syllabus of each module. Overall, upon the successful completion of the program, and the fulfillment of the expected learning outcomes of each course, students will be able to:

– Possess deep knowledge and understanding of the topics related to maritime economics, port and transport economics, management of shipping enterprises and institutions, port and transport systems’ management, shipping accounting, shipping finance, and the marine environment.

– Follow the dynamic developments on issues among other related to business concepts, technologies, regulations and trade patterns.

– Use concepts and business tools, stemming from the fields of economics and management, to assist shipping institutions with solutions and decision-making frameworks.

– Collect, analyze and interpret maritime data on economic, managerial, strategic, financial and environmental issues related to the maritime sector.

– Pursue further studies at postgraduate level in different research fields such as management, finance, transportation, logistics, supply chain management, accounting, the environment, human resource management via possessing a high degree of autonomy.

Upon the successful completion of their undergraduate studies, students will have at their disposal an advanced and wide in range knowledge in maritime issues, and particularly in maritime and transport economics, management of shipping enterprises and ports, the marine environment, shipping accounting and finance. Such knowledge contributes to a thorough understanding of concepts and principles connected to the above subjects. Attending the program, students acquire skills and abilities to apply this knowledge on solving complicated problems related to the maritime industry. These skills bridge the use of rational and creative thinking, and the application of tools and techniques of economics and management in the shipping industry.