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Welcome to the Department of Maritime Studies.

Since our establishment, back in 1989, students, faculty, alumni, administrators and staff strive for Excellence based on our principles, as we expresse them by using the Greek word “PEISMA” (PISMA).

“PEISMA” means “strong determination to achieving set goals” and we use it as acronym encapsulating the words Passion (Pathos in Greek), Extroversion, Isonomy, Set goals, Measurement and Ariston (Excellence) in teaching, learning, research and industry relations.

We aspire to be a University of the 21st century providing pioneering research and outstanding teaching. We aim at educating maritime thought leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, which will enable them to manage the multiple challenges of the different maritime sectors and equip them with empathy and values assisting them in excelling in the business and personal arena.

Either being or becoming business executives, leaders or scientists we expect our students to respect multiculturalism and diversity of any kind, have presence across the globe, possess in depth understanding of universal needs and identify and master business or research opportunities always with respect to the environment.

We aspire our students to actively pursue their goals with dignity, ethos, have a positive attitude towards life, be culturally astute, ready to change and make an impact to the societies they are members of.