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Participation of the “Quantitative Analysis in Shipping” Laboratory at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting 2023.

Dr. Maria Boile:

  • Presented a paper entitled “Assessing the Environmental Aspects and Impacts of Port Activities” (Authors: Boile M., Theofanis S.) at Poster Session 3054 – The Future of the Port Sector in the Context of the Blue Economy organized by Standing Committee AW010 – Ports and Channels, and
  • Presented a paper entitled “Container Shipping and Supply Chain: Post-COVID Implications and Trends” (Authors: Theofanis S., Boile M.) at Poster Session 3159 – The Impact of Recent Disruptive Events on International Trade and Supply Chains co-organized by the TRB Standing Committee AT020 – International Trade and Transportation (https://www.ttnews.com/articles/congestion-easing-ports-along-southern-border-trb-speakers-say)
  • She chaired the meeting of the Standing Committee AT020 – International Trade and Transportation of which she is Vice-Chairman
  • Participated in the meeting entitled “Freight Systems and Marine Transport Unconference” co-organized by Standing Committees AW010 – Ports and Channels, AT020 – International Trade and Transportation, AT045 – Intermodal Freight Transport, and AW020 – Inland Water Transportation
  • Participated in the meeting of Standing Committee AW010(3) – Port Performance Subcommittee of which she is a member

Dr. Eleftherios Sdoukopoulos presented the scientific paper entitled “Setting-up an EU-based Port-Hinterland Corridor Value System: Structure and Main Reference Basis” (Authors: Sdoukopoulos El. & Boile M.) at Session No.2029 “Current Research in Shipping , Port Hinterland Corridor and Synchromodality” organized by the TRB Standing Committee “International Trade and Transportation” of which he is a member. He also participated in the meeting of the “Marine Environment” Committee in which he is Communications Officer, in the meeting of the Council of Committee Communications Officers of the TRB as well as in the meeting of the Sub-Committee “Port Performance” in which he also participates as a member.