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Quality Policy

Quality policy of the MSc Sustainable Blue Economy

The MSc in Sustainable Blue Economy is committed to assure quality in all its operations. Quality assurance is both a programmatic objective and a daily practice for the MSc in Sustainable Blue Economy, in teaching, research and administration. The quality assurance objectives is specified via the identification, implementation and revision of the Programme’s objectives. In teaching, quality assurance involves the monitoring and revising of educational procedures to successfully meet the Programme’s learning objectives with respect to sustainable development, integrated coastal zone management, alternative and emerging fuel and energy systems. Quality is assured via the efficient utilization of resources and infrastructure that is available to the Programme. Furthermore, quality assurance is achieved via student-centred processes of internal and external evaluation that support the Programme’s orientation to sustainable development and, in particular, to the complete training young scientists and professionals in the field of sustainable blue economy. With respect to the Programme’s research, quality assurance pertains to supporting the research that is conducted by professors and students in a way that delivers research findings that are a) compatible with Programme’s strategic orientation towards sustainable blue economy, b) complementary to the Programme’s taught courses, c) of high quality, d) impactful in the context of international policy and academic debates about sustainable development. Quality assurance for research is achieved via the utilisation of the Programme’s resources and infrastructure and also via processes of internal and external evaluation that support the Programme’s research objectives.