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Constantinos Chlomoudis
  • Νame: Chlomoudis Constantinos
  • Role: Professor
  • Field: Economic Analysis – Port Management Policies
  • Department: Department of Maritime Studies
  • Office: 608/Lambr. 21 Bld.
  • Telephone: +30 +30 210 4142548
  • E-mail: chlom[at]unipi[dot]gr


  • Ph.D. 1991, in Economic Studies, University of Macedonia.
  • Undergraduate Studies 1984, Department Business Administration, University of Macedonia.

Research Interests.

  • Application and effects of new methods of productive activity in the Administration and Organisation of Ports
  • European Policy for Transport (with emphasis on the policy planning of the Port industry)
  • Public Services Obligation in Transport
  • Characteristics and organization forms of competitive ports
  • Port Planning
  • Investments in transport infrastructure
  • Environmental impacts of the development of production in the port industry
  • Combined and multimodal transportation
  • Application of logistics
  • Short sea shipping
  • Specialized railways

Master of Arts in Shipping

  • Port Management


  • Port Management and Administration
  • Port Planning
  • Maritime Economic History
  • Quality assurance in maritime transport


Issues related to investments in transport infrastructure Combined transport Implementation of transport distribution systems (logistics). Application and effects of new methods of production activity in Port Management and Organization European Transport Policy (with emphasis on Port industry design) Characteristics and forms of organization of competing ports Port design and basic port design development of production in the port industry. Short Distance Shipping. Special railway routes

  • ECOHUBS – coHerent measures and environmental interventions to debottleneck hUBs of the multimodal netWork fAvoured bY Seamless flow of goods, FP7, 2012 – 2015, €4.120.000, Project Team Member
  • MESA – Maritime Europe Strategy Action – FOSTER Waterborne, FP7, 2013-2016, € 2.053.380, Project Team Member
  • MEDITA: “Mediterranean Information Traffic Application”, Med Programme – European Regional Development Fund 2013-2015, Task Leader, €2.500.000,00
  • ECOHUBS – coHerent measures and environmental interventions to debottleneck hUBs of the multimodal netWork fAvoured bY Seamless flow of goods, FP7, 2012 – 2015, €4.120.000, Project Team Member
  • E-MAR: e-Maritime strategic framework and pilot implementation, EU – FP7, (2011 -), Project Team Member, € 5.000.000
  • MOS4MOS: Monitoring Services for Motorways of the Seas: EU – TEN-T, (2011,-) Project Team Member, €5.500.000
  • Contain: CONtainer securiTy Advanced Information Networking: EU –FP7, (2011 -), Project Team Member, € 6.000.000 (Task Leader PORT Security Systems & Operations)
  • E-Freight: European e-Freight capabilities for Co-modal transport, 7th Framework Programme, EU – DGTREN (2010-2013), Project Team Member, € 18.500.000
  • Support: Security UPgrade for PORTs, 7th Framework Programme, EU – DGTREN (2010-2013), Project Team Member, € 5.500.000 (WP Leader)
  • SKEMA: Successful knowledge platform in Maritime and Logistics, 7th Framework Programme, EU – DGTREN (2008-2011), Project Team Member, € 2.100.000
  • PROPS: Promotional Platform for Short-Sea Shipping and Intermodality, 7th Framework Programme, EU – DGTREN (2008-2011), Project Task Leader, € 2.300.000
  • “Development of Strategic Plan of New Freight Center At Port of Patras”, funded by Patras Port Authority and ΙΝΤΕRREG, Greece-Italy, Principal Investigator, University of Piraeus Research Center, Piraeus 2008.
  • “Guide to Identifying Essential Terms for Provision of Island Transport Services”, funded by Institute of Local Government, Principal Investigator, University of Piraeus Research Center, Piraeus 2008.
  • “Study on the possibilities for the development of a Free Trade Zone at AIA”, funded project, Principal Investigator, University of Piraeus Research Center, Piraeus 2007.
  • “Analysis of Freight Center Requirements”, Local Technical Support Consultant of Prefectural Government of Corfu, INTRAFLOWS project (I1103001) – ΙΝΤΕRREG Greece-Italy, Principal Investigator, University of Piraeus Research Center, Piraeus 2007
  • “Study on the Institutional and Operational Reconstruction of the Piraeus Port Authority”, funded by Piraeus Port Authority, Principal Investigator, University of Piraeus Research Center, Piraeus 1998.
  • “Operation and Management of the OLP Terminal Station.”, funded program “Connection of Universities and Enterprises”, Principal Investigator,  University of Piraeus Research Center, Piraeus 1993.
  • Trends and Developments in the port industry. Port business and systems in the era of the organization and operation of competitive ports “, Chlomoudis Konstantinos, Papazisis Publications, 2011
  • Quality Management and Safety in Maritime Transport: The Importance of Information Services to new challenges for Maritime Economy”, Chlomoudis Constantinos and Kostagiolas Petros, Papazisis Publications, 2011
  • «Transport. Lifeline for the Islands», (2007) (in Greek)C. Chlomoudis, M. Lekakou, K. Panou, E. Papadimitriou, Th. Siriopoulos and E. Tzannatos, Studies, Institute of Local Government, Papazisis, Greece.
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