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  • Νame: Karakasnaki Maria
  • Role: Assistant Professor
  • Field: Quality in Shipping and Transport
  • Department: Department of Maritime Studies
  • Office: 513/Lambr. 21 Bld.
  • Telephone: +30 +30 210 414 2512
  • E-mail: mariakar[at]unipi[dot]gr

Dr. Maria Karakasnaki is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Maritime Studies. She holds a BSc in Accounting and Finance from Athens University of Economics and Business, a MSc in Maritime Studies and a Ph.D. in Maritime Studies (specialization in Management and Quality) from the Department of Maritime Studies of University of Piraeus, Greece. Her research interests include the topics of management and quality, quality management systems and human resource management.

Undergraduate level

  • Leadership
  • Quality in shipping
  • Business Organization and Management

Postgraduate level

  • Quality Management in Maritime Operations
  • Risk management systems and Port safety
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