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Ass. Professor Dr. Anastasia Christodoulou Joins Panel at Smart Maritime Network Athens Conference

Ass. Professor Dr. Anastasia Christodoulou of the Department of Maritime Studies at the University of Piraeus participated as a panelist in the recent Smart Maritime Network Athens Conference, held on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 in Athens. Dr. Christodoulou contributed her expertise to the panel titled “Greening the Waves: Exploring Maritime Sustainability,” which focused on the progressive strides towards sustainability in the maritime sector.

During this session, Dr. Christodoulou and other esteemed panelists discussed critical aspects of the maritime industry’s green transition, with a specific focus on the European Union Emissions Trading System (ETS), the development of green corridors, and various sustainability initiatives. The panel provided insights into the evolving regulatory frameworks and technological innovations that are shaping the future of maritime operations.

This engagement not only highlights the commitment of the Department of Maritime Studies of the University of Piraeus to environmental management in the maritime sector but also its active role in addressing global challenges through academic and industrial collaboration.