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The Department of Maritime Studies is open to engaging in collaborations with businesses and organizations in the maritime and transportation industry and welcomes new, joint research endeavors with potential new partners for the benefit of all involved and the wider society.

In this context, the Department encourages its academic and research staff to actively participate in partnerships and provides support at every stage of the necessary interactions/ research activities with collaborating organizations in the maritime and transportation sector.

Advantages of these collaborations:

  • Businesses and organizations in the maritime and transportation industry benefit from developing relationships with the Department’s academic and research staff to resolve joint research questions.
  • Academics and researchers have the opportunity to partner with shipping companies and other organizations on conducting scientific research that delivers real impact.

So far, the Department has established partnerships with various businesses and organizations, finding thus a remarkably effective way of tackling challenging issues, applying research outcomes to real cases and accessing new knowledge. Recent partnerships include:

  • Collaboration with a large crew management company headquartered in Greece with private owned offices in the Philippines, U.A.E. and Ukraine. The aim of the collaboration was the scientific analysis of the Company’s internal and external environments, the evaluation of its customer base and the development of a marketing plan with the objective of increasing the Company’s potential customers and improving its performance.
  • Collaboration with a large, international seafarers’ association with the aim of measuring and assessing the dimensions of crew well-being onboard vessels flying different flags, as well as examining the impact of well-being on various employee results.